Sensor Cleaning - 1 Business Day

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Seeing spots? Is the healing brush tool the first edit you make on your photos? Let us take care of those nasty spots and hairs for you.

Using the safest methods available in the industry, we'll take your dirty sensor and make it sparkly fresh again. We also take care of cleaning one lens (front and rear elements) at no extra charge. If you have extra lenses to be cleaned, they can be added here.

This service is a 1 business day turn around time, which means as long as you drop it off before 12 PM, we return it to you at the end of the next business day after you leave it with us.

For example, if you drop off at 11 AM on a Friday, you can expect it to be finished by end-of-day on Monday. Or, if you drop off at 5 PM on a Monday, it will be ready by the end of the day on Wednesday. Call or write to us if you're still not sure about all this timing mumbo jumbo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you bring in a camera that we do not have in inventory, we will want you to bring your battery charger as well. This makes sure we have enough "juice" to finish the job.

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