Seamless Paper - 86" / 7 ft Wide

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Brand: Superior


This solid color seamless background paper is almost exactly like our 9 foot rolls, but JUUUST a bit easier to fit in your car. It is 86" (just over 7 feet) wide by 36 feet long, and it has a cardboard core for easy unrolling. This roll will fit in just about any car (except for something super tiny).

When a 9 foot roll is just too big to transport, but you need something larger than 4.5' wide, this is the size for you.

Important thing to note: The color swatches shown here are a "best representation" only. They are as close as possible to the actual color, but due to the way our eyes perceive color in digital vs real life, they might not be exact.

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Weight (lbs) 12

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