Schneider Kreuznach 150mm LS f/3.5

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Brand: Schneider Kreuznach

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The second longest focal length in Phase One’s Blue Ring lineup, the 150mm f/3.5 has a 35mm equivalent of a 93mm lens, perfect for portraiture, fashion, and beauty. Like all of Phase One’s Blue Ring lenses, the 150mm’s built in leaf shutter allows for syncing with strobes at up to 1/1600s, capable of overpowering sunlight. Need to reduce vibration? Take advantage of the Phase One XF body’s ability to use only the 150mm’s leaf shutter for essentially vibrationless shooting. Like all of Phase One’s Blue Ring lenses, the SK 150mm LS f/3.5 can resolve past 100 megapixels, making it ideal for whenever you need ridiculous amount of detail. Its small size and relatively light weight also means its easy to hand hold for all-day shoots.

Additional Information

Brand Schneider Kreuznach
Lens Mount Schneider / Phase One
Lens Coverage Medium Format
Lens Type Telephoto Prime
Autofocus Yes
Image Stabilization No
Filter Size (mm) 72
Min Focal Length (mm) 150
Max Focal Length (mm) 150
Max Angle of View (degrees) 26
Min Angle of View (degrees) 26
Max Aperture 3.5
Min Aperture 32
Min Focusing Distance (ft) 4.92
Max Magnification 0.12
Hood Included Yes
Hood Type Metal / Bayonet
Power Zoom No
Diameter (in) 3.4
Length (in) 3.4
Weight (lbs) 1.43

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