Samson SE10 Headset Microphone

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Brand: Samson

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The Samson SE10 headworn mic is a great way to add hands-free and discreet audio to your next production. The 3mm mic capsule produces clear sound that is especially well suited for speaking. This microphone has an omnidirectional pick up pattern, which means that you'll get consistent output levels even as the person using the mic moves around. The retaining system will work on either the left or right ear. Perfect for presentations and events, this mic is an excellent match with our Sennheiser wireless systems. It comes with four commonly used connectors, so if you're using it with your own wireless transmitter, it is highly likely to have the correct connector to interface with your system.

Your rental includes:

  • Samson SE10T Headset Mic
  • 3.5mm connector (Sennheiser)
  • Hirose 4 pin connector
  • Switchcraft TA3F connector (Samson, AKG)
  • Switchcraft TA4F connector (Shure)
  • Foam windscreen (x4)
  • Wire clip
  • Carry case

Additional Information

Brand Samson
Mic Type Headset, Vocal
Transducer Style Condenser
Pickup Pattern Omnidirectional
Stereo / Mono Mono
Phantom Power Required No
Audio Output 3.5mm, XLR
Max Power Draw (W) No

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