Video Lighting

Video Lighting

Video Lighting


    Common Prices:
    1 Day: $35.00
    2 Days: $42.00
    3 Days: $50.40
    7 Days: $105.00

  • HIVE LIGHTING Wasp 1000 Plasma PAR Kit

    Common Prices:
    1 Day: $145.00
    2 Days: $174.00
    3 Days: $208.80
    7 Days: $435.00


Renting Video Lights

Achieving the ideal video lighting is crucial for capturing stunning visuals, and our goal is to help you create a smooth, professional look in every frame.

How to Select the Right Lighting Equipment

For those looking to find a special lighting solution, are new to using artificial light sources, or as a reminder to the more experienced crowd, it’s important to go over some questions to prevent issues on shoot day.
  • What’s your power source?
    It’s easy to get lost in the details of light quality and all the different solutions to illuminating your set, but if your location doesn’t have the power output to turn those lights on, you’ll be scrambling. Battery powered light sources and low power draw LEDs can be a life saver for power sensitive locations.

  • Big and bright or small and light?
    Usually there’s more than one way to skin a cat (but please don't skin cats, no matter what methods you think will work). Sometimes a scene calls for several large light sources, while others are more easily suited to small handheld sources. For mobile sets, trying to get the most out of more lightweight and versatile video lights may be beneficial.

  • How important is it to adjust color?
    Many of our lighting rental options are bicolor, or RGB light sources capable of changing their color temperature at your command. Others are locked to a specific color temperature (generally always daylight) and might need gels to balance with other lights of mixed temperature. So whether you are providing all the light artificially or need to match some practicals in the scene, we've got plenty of options for you.

  • What grip gear do I need?
    Sandbags, C-stands, tape, silks, flags…The right grip is crucial for a safe and functional set. If you’re unsure of the kind of grip support you need, all you have to do is ask.

In addition to these considerations, evaluate how many lights you need and are able to manage, whether or not color temperatures will be mixed, and the desired atmosphere – whether moody or evenly lit with minimal shadows. Also, consider the modifiers you'll use on your lights, which can significantly impact the final outcome. For example, during an interview, a softer light source is typically preferred, so plan on adding some softboxes or other lighting modifiers to your rental.

Our diverse lighting rental options, such as Skypanels, LED spots, and LED tube kits are designed to meet your unique needs and assist you in crafting the ideal setup for your project. Browse our wide array of light kits, Bi-Color LED panels, Monolights, Softboxes, LED COB lights and much more.

Why Pro Photo?

At Pro Photo Rental, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive video production lighting solutions tailored to various clients, from beginners to Hollywood productions and Fortune 500 companies. What sets us apart is our wide-ranging experience across diverse shoots, meticulous vetting of every piece of lighting equipment we carry, and our commitment to providing custom lighting consults to ensure you have the right gear for your project. Our team's expertise and dedication make us a reliable equipment rental provider and a valuable collaborator in helping you achieve the perfect lighting setup for your shoot.

Popular Lights and Lighting Kits

Here are some of the more sought-after lighting equipment rentals consistently delivering exceptional results for clients like you.

If you're unsure about the lighting equipment and accessories you need for your next shoot, don't hesitate to give us a call or visit our shop. Our team loves discussing and working through different lighting scenarios to help you find the perfect solution, custom made for your needs.