Nikon Z (mirrorless)

Nikon Z (mirrorless)

Nikon Z (mirrorless)

  • Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8

    Common Prices:
    1 Day: $36.00
    2 Days: $43.20
    3 Days: $51.84
    7 Days: $93.60

  • Nikon Z 85mm f/1.8

    Common Prices:
    1 Day: $29.00
    2 Days: $34.80
    3 Days: $41.76
    7 Days: $75.40


Nikon Z-mount Lens Rentals

The Nikon Z line, launched in 2018, has quickly gained popularity among photographers and videographers due to its remarkable features and performance. Built around the new Z mount, this system offers improved optical quality, allowing for faster and more precise autofocus and enhanced edge-to-edge sharpness. Nikon continues to invest in and expand the Z line, regularly introducing new products to the market. Pro Photo Rental will keep our inventory up-to-date for our clients as they launch new products, so be sure to check back frequently to see the latest additions.

How to Select the Right Nikon Z Lens for you

With so many great Nikon Z lenses, you'll want to ask yourself some basic questions before deciding. How much zoom do you need? Do you want a wide lens? How far of a reach are you looking for? Do you need a large aperture fast lens, or are you looking for something easy to travel with? No matter what your needs, we can help get you set up with the best match for your specific situation. See below for some commonly rented lenses from our inventory.
  • Versatile
    One of the most popular Nikon Z lenses we carry is the Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S. This versatile zoom lens is excellent for everything from portraits to landscapes and offers a highly practical focal length range, perfect for everyday shooting. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to bring wherever your shoot takes you.

  • Wide Angle
    The Nikon Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S lens is an excellent choice if you want something wider. Its wide-angle focal range and fast maximum aperture make it perfect for capturing sweeping vistas and stunning architecture.

  • Zoom
    The Nikon Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S lens is an excellent choice for those needing a bit more reach. This telephoto zoom lens offers stunning image quality and a fast f/2.8 maximum aperture, perfect for sports, wildlife, and event photography. Plus, with its built-in Vibration Reduction technology, you can shoot at slower shutter speeds before worrying about camera shake.

  • Super Telephoto
    When you require even more reach, the Nikon Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens is an absolutely gorgeous super-telephoto perfect for birding, wildlife, and sports photography. With its long focal length and Vibration Reduction technology, you can capture stunning images from quite a distance.

What abount the FTZ lens adapter?

To use Nikon F mount lenses on your Nikon Z camera, you can rent an FTZ adapter. This lets you use your existing Nikon F lenses on a Nikon Z mirrorless camera, with absolutely ZERO loss of performance or functionality.

Why Pro Photo Rental?

At Pro Photo Rental, we understand that every photographer and videographer has unique needs. That's why we offer various Nikon Z lenses and accessories. Whether you need a wide-angle prime, a telephoto zoom, or a macro lens, we've got you covered. And remember to check out our camera rental page for the latest mirrorless camera bodies to pair with your new Nikon Z lens rental.

If you have questions about which Nikon Z lens is right for you, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always here to help. From filter size to minimum focus distance to coatings and autofocus, we have the expertise and technical know-how to help you find the perfect lens for your next shoot.