RedRock Micro manual Follow Focus unit

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Brand: RedRock Micro

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Changing focus while filming can sometimes be a tall order. If you’re wanting to avoid the haphazard movement created after touching the camera lens to change focus, then you’ll likely want to rent the RedRock Micro manual Follow Focus unit. Designed for precise, quick changes in focus without the added vibrations that come with physically moving the focusing ring of the lens with your hands directly, the RedRock Micro manual Follow Focus unit allows the user to adjust an oversized knob coupled to the focus ring. Make sure you have the right focus rings for your lenses for best compatibility. This unit requires to be mounted on a pair of 15mm rails. Check out the "Related Products" below to see the different rail options we carry.

Additional Information

Brand Redrock Micro
Accessory Type Mount
Weight (lbs) 1.5

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