Profoto Pro-11 Pack (2400 Ws)

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Brand: Profoto

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Innovation never sleeps at Profoto, and this latest generator is clear evidence of that. It takes the best of the Pro-10 pack and adds even more features and speed.

The most evident feature addition (and sign of our times) is that the pack is completely controllable through a smartphone using the Profoto app. The massive benefit of this is that you can now control the power settings from anywhere on set using your phone. No more worries about where to position the pack, juggling between ease of access and being in the way of everything. Simply tuck it away wherever is most conventent, and easily adjust it from anywhere. We have rental clients who find this especially helpful for overhead lights, as they can mount the pack up high and not worry about a ton of cabling. By the way, this same functionality applies to any of the Profoto TTL controllers, so making adjustments from a distance is easily achievable if you're using one of them and don't want to pull out your phone during a shoot.

Now onto the delicious specifications of this monster. Essentially you get top of the line power and speed combined into one pack. Flash duration can be as short as 1/80,000 for incredible motion stopping photography such as splashes, dancing, or action sports. In addition, the recycle time is an incredibly short 0.02-0.7 seconds, depending on power setting. That allows for up to a mind-blowing 50 fps shooting speed! As usual, the flash is adjustable in 1/10th stop increments so you can dial in just the right output.

Rent this pack and see what the latest tech from Profoto can do for your photography.

Included with your rental:

  • Profoto Pro-11 pack
  • 16.5' (5m) power cord
  • Tenba travel case

Additional Information

Brand Profoto
Lighting Type Pack
Max Flash Output (Wsec) 2400
Power Option A/C Plug
Max Power Draw (W) No
Built-in Wireless Control Yes
Built-in Wireless Type AirTTL - Bluetooth
Built-in Wireless Range (ft) 600
Recycle Time, Max/Min (sec) 0.7 - 0.02
High Speed Sync (HSS) Yes
Sync Port 1/4"
Power Output Adjustment (stops) 10
Minimum Flash Duration, t0.1 (sec) 1/80,000
Height (in) 11.4
Length (in) 11.8
Width (in) 8.3
Weight (lbs) 29.8

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