Profoto Air TTL-N Nikon Controller

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Brand: Profoto

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Rent the Profoto Air TTL-N to work with your Nikon camera and Profoto strobe setup. Set your exposure automatically to the perfect settings and communicate with all your compatible off-camera lights within a 1000 ft range. You don’t have to think about it! Just point, shoot, and get the shot. Bam, done. No, it doesn’t end there, you also have the ability to shoot at high speed and capture images with shutter speeds up to 1/8000 second. Interference with other systems is minimized by using 8 channels and 3 groups (those groups can be controlled separately). An impressive amount of customization, ease, and control is packed into this one little controller.

Additional Information

Brand Profoto
Accessory Type Lighting
Weight (lbs) 0.2

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