Profoto Air Remote Transceiver

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Brand: Profoto

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The Profoto Air Remote is a camera-agnostic trigger for use with all modern Profoto Air products. That means you can use this trigger with any camera that has a hotshoe to activate Profoto strobes like the 8a pack, B1x, and D2 (among others). You can manually control the output and modeling lights on up to 6 groups of lights using 8 available channels on the 2.4GHz frequency band. In addition, you can use this as a remote camera trigger for the Phase One medium format system.

Please note that this particular remote is NOT the TTL version that is used with specific camera brands. If you need one of those for Canon, Nikon, or Sony, please see the related items below.

Important note: This remote uses 2x AAA batteries, and it chews through them pretty quickly. We will supply two batteries with your rental, but please be sure to have extras on set during your shoot.

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Brand Profoto
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