Photo & Video Motorized Turntable

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Sporting a 12" diameter and capable of safely working with roughly 25 lbs, this motorized turntable is the perfect solution for product photography and videos. It uses plug-in wall power and comes with a handy remote control for all of the functions.

You can set it to rotate continuously (for video use), with a full 360° rotation adjustable from 68 to 24 seconds. Alternatively, you can set it to rotate a certain angle and stop, which is great for multi-angle photos. This step rotation mode is available in a wide variety of pre-set values, down to as small as 96 steps (3.75°).

Take the guesswork out of your product photos and improve your workflow with this turntable. We're confident you'll appreciate the results!

Additional Information

Brand Generic
Accessory Type Other
Weight (lbs) 4.2

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