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This handy item is great for product photography & video. Your rental comes with two boards, one black and one white. On each board, one side is glossy for nice reflections of the item and the other side has a matte finish. Use the matte white one to create that "floating" look for nearly all website product listings these days, or the gloss black one for a super reflective surface perfect for jewelry. Each board measures just less than 16 inches on a side for shooting smaller items with plenty of room to spare, and works really well in a light tent. The acrylic material is basically the same kind of plastic that they make cutting boards out of, but please don't cut anything on here. The surfaces scratch pretty easily, and we'd like to keep everything nice for future clients.

This should go without saying, but just in case... No, the jewelry shown in the example photos does NOT come with the rental.

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