Outex Pro Kit Waterproof Housing - Large

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Brand: Outex

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Diving, snorkeling, color runs, Burning Man, sand storms, dust storms, thunderstorms, snow storms, paintball, egg throwing contests, pool parties, surfing, sailing, water balloons, lawn sprinklers.

You know what all of these things have in common?

They are all things YOU DO NOT GO NEAR WITH AN UNPROTECTED CAMERA. Believe us...we've seen enough damage over the years to know that even when a manufacturer says "weather resistant", they don't really back that up with any real meaning. But there's good news, friends. Your knight in shining......rubber..... has arrived. This cover from Outex is designed to keep cameras and lenses protected from all the bad things listed above that want to get in and destroy. The universal design will allow use with virtually any camera and most lenses other than super telephotos or ultra-wide angle, and the soft silicone cover allows you to adjust camera or lens settings while staying fully protected. There's a large glass viewing port on the back to give a clear view of the rear LCD (and even the viewfinder on some cameras). While you won't want to take this setup to aquaman depths, it is rated to 30 feet, so you can definitely get away with shallow water play (or work).

Click on the "Resources" tab above for links on how to install & use this system. Also, ask us when you come to pick up. We're here to help!

Important Note: We check this kit for air & water tightness before and after every single rental. We guarantee that it is waterproof to the manufacturer's specifications when it leaves our shop, and will show you if you'd like proof of that before leaving the premises. That means that you will take full responsibility for intrusion of any water or other foreign material during your rental, the resulting damage to the gear inside, as well as any damage to the unit itself. By renting this item, you agree to these terms. Sorry to be mean about it, but it's the only way we can define who has liability in the case of a leak. If you treat it well and follow the instructions, you should have nothing to worry about.

Included with your rental

  • Outex Pro large size (model 130) camera & lens cover
  • Outex glass rear portal & sealing rings
  • Small & large rear portal mounts
  • 82mm flat front glass & sealing rings
  • Outex strap holder
  • Outex wrist strap
  • Outex shoulder strap
  • (Optional): step-up ring to adapt lens filter thread size (62mm, 67mm, 72mm, or 77mm available)

Additional Information

Brand Outex
Accessory Type Housing
Weight (lbs) 2

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