Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight

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Brand: Nikon

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This is an update to the already impressive mainstay of Nikon Speedlights, the SB-900. The main improvement is to the handling of thermal overload - SB-900's had a safety feature that made them simply turn off for a while when fired extensively on full power, but the SB-910 approaches this problem much more intelligently - it slows down the recycle time when overheating, allowing it to still function in a high-pressure environment with slightly increased downtime. Other improvements are a simplified interface with backlit buttons, hard-snapping gels and gel holders.

Additional Information

Brand Nikon
Lighting Type Speedlight
Mount Type Hotshoe
Power Option Battery only
Battery Type AA
Max Power Draw (W) No
Built-in Wireless Control Yes
Built-in Wireless Type Nikon CLS
Built-in Wireless Range (ft) 32
Recycle Time, Max/Min (sec) 2.3 - 4.5
High Speed Sync (HSS) Yes
Sync Port PC
Power Output Adjustment (stops) 1/3
Minimum Flash Duration, t0.1 (sec) 1/38500
Height (in) 5.7
Length (in) 4.4
Width (in) 3.1
Weight (lbs) 0.92

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