Metabones Smart Adapter Mk IV Canon lens to Sony E body

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Brand: Metabones

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Designed for using Canon EF and EF-S lenses with Sony full frame and APS-C camera bodies, the Metabones Smart Adapter Mk IV maintains electronic communication allowing for fast autofocus and lenses with optical image stabilization. That means you have the option to use the Sony camera’s sensor shift image stabilization, optical stabilization via the Canon lens, or both at the same time! This adapter also supports Canon CN-E lenses with power zoom, autofocus, and auto-iris. The Smart Adapter is also seriously smart. You may notice the first couple autofocus attempts with this adapter may not be perfectly accurate. This is because these autofocus attempts are used to calibrate the lens being used. After the lens, adapter, and body have gotten to know each other they’ll work great. Think of those first couple images as a team building exercise. Visit Metabone’s website for full compatibility charts.

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Brand Metabones
Accessory Type Adapter
Weight (lbs) 0.6

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