Manfrotto Pan Bar Remote (LANC)

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Brand: Manfrotto

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Add pan-handle based camera control to your setup with the Manfrotto RC Pan Bar EX Remote Control. This version works with LANC-compatible cameras and will replace a standard Manfrotto rosette-mounted pan-handle, although we've also had good luck converting it to work with other manufacturers. You get controls for: record start/stop, zoom, zoom speed, RET (plays back last 5 seconds of recorded footage), and standby.

Just in case you want to use this with a crane, we also include a 10' LANC extension cable with your rental. Combined with the standard cable on the remote, you'll have roughly 13.5' of cabling.

Additional Information

Brand Manfrotto
Accessory Type Shutter Release/Remote
Weight (lbs) 1.3

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