Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit (Nikon mount)

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Brand: Lensbaby

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The Pro Effects Kit from Lensbaby is an all-in-one solution for you to try your hand at selective focus techniques, similar to tilt-shift lenses. This kit includes 5 components: the Lensbaby Composer Pro, the Sweet 35 Optic, the Edge 80 Optic, and two Macro Converters. No matter what kind of photography you do, this kit can inspire you to have fun & add creativity to your shots, and the quality you can achieve is really quite high.

A quick Flikr search for "lensbaby" can show you just how cool these lenses can be. In our opinion, these lenses really are great for creative portraiture and REALLY shine for food photography. Overall, they're a lot of fun to use and are awesome if you're looking to break out of a creative slump or try something new.

Composer Pro

The Composer Pro is an upgrade to the popular and award winning Lensbaby Composer. The swivel ball and focus mechanism have been upgraded for ease of use and improved performance. The Composer Pro's metal swivel ball design and new focus mechanism deliver incredibly smooth focus and tilt control. It ships with the Sweet 35 Optic installed and is compatible with all optics in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System. Simply tilt the lens to a desired angle then focus with a manual focusing ring.

Sweet 35 Optic

The Sweet 35 Optic is a 35mm selective focus optic which features a 12-blade adjustable aperture. Adjusting the aperture provides you with creative control over the size of the sweet spot of focus. This is the widest focal length selective focus Lensbaby optic currently available.

Edge 80 Optic

The Edge 80 Optic is an 80mm flat field of focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture. When shifted or tilted away from straight ahead, the Edge 80 delivers a slice of tack sharp focus through the image, bordered by soft blur. When pointed straight ahead, the Edge 80 can be used just like a normal prime lens.

Macro Converters

The Macro Converters include an 8mm converter and a 16mm converter. They can also be stacked together to make a 24mm converter. The Macro Converters simply screw into the Lensbaby lens body - and then the optic screws into the converter.

Important note: This kit is for the Nikon F mount only, and these lenses are manual focus and manual aperture.

Additional Information

Brand Lensbaby
Lens Mount Nikon F
Lens Coverage APS-C (Crop), Full Frame
Lens Type Macro, Standard Prime, Telephoto Prime
Autofocus No
Image Stabilization No
Min Focal Length (mm) 35
Max Focal Length (mm) 80
Max Angle of View (degrees) No
Min Angle of View (degrees) No
Max Aperture No
Min Aperture No
Min Focusing Distance (ft) No
Max Magnification No
Max Magnification Ratio No
Hood Included Yes
Hood Type No
Aperture Blades No
Power Zoom No
Diameter (in) No
Length (in) No
Weight (lbs) 2.15

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