Kessler Second Shooter Plus Kit

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Brand: Kessler

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If you’ve used the first iteration of Kessler’s second shooter then you’re no stranger to the depth of features it brings to your fingertips. If you’ve never used Kessler’s 2nd shooter system, then you’re in for a real treat. Whether it’s an on location time lapse, product showcase, or any number of other uses, the Second Shooter Plus gives you the control you need to get the perfect shot. Our kit comes with the Stealth 3ft, 3-axis slider for excellent flexibility. Be sure to cut out some time to read over the manual if this is your first time using a motorized slider, and especially if you’ve never used Kessler’s system before so that you can take full advantage of the tools the system gives you, like the built in Intervalometer! Yeah… pretty cool.

Additional Information

Brand Kessler
Accessory Type Slider
Weight (lbs) 6.9

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