Kessler Killshock Mini

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Brand: Kessler

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When you need to remove the micro-vibrations from any moving vehicle (car, boat, ATV, bicycle, etc), reach for this mount. It does a great job with direct mounting DSLRs, mirrorless, and small video cameras. But it REALLY shines when you mount a smaller gimbal to it (Ronin-S, Zhiyun Crane, Movi M5, etc). With a gimbal mounted to this isolator, you too can reach stabilization nirvana.

We include the extra "module fine tuning" kit with 8 extra single shock module cables (4x medium-duty red and 4x light-duty blue cables). This allows you to dial in the shock module configuration specific to your exact setup. We're all about fine tuning here.

Kessler thought of all the details when they made this guy: holes for carabiner safety wire, built-in handles, tether points for 1" ratchet strap tie-downs, and a super-strong 8" suction cup base that will keep everything stuck down nice and tight.

So what can it support? As of this writing, Kessler is pretty tight-lipped about giving an exact capacity specification. But don't let the name "mini" fool you. We say you can put pretty much anything on here other than a full-size gimbal with a large video camera (FS7, RED, etc). Nearly anything else (within reason) will fly. Obviously no super-telephoto lenses, but you wouldn't do that anyway, now would you?

Your rental includes:

  • Kessler Killshock Mini
  • 4 extra blue (medium duty) spring cables
  • 4 extra red (heavy duty) spring cables

Additional Information

Brand Kessler
Accessory Type Mount
Weight (lbs) 5.1

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