Kessler Crane – 8'/12' HD complete kit

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Brand: Kessler

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A portable crane that can handle some serious weight, our 8’ Kessler Crane kit comes with a 4’ extender for 12’ of awesome production value. In the 8’ configuration the camera stays an impressive 5.5’ away from the tripod, while the 4’ extension kit increases that spec to 9.5’. Mounting the camera can be done normally or inverted. Easily broken down to move on to the next location, the kit also comes with the Hercules 2.0 head, K-Pod tripod System (no, not the coffee), extended weight bar, 4ft Extension kit, Dolly Trucks & Wheels, and up to 100 lbs of counterweights (25lb x2, 10lb x4, 5lb x2).

Additional Information

Brand Kessler
Support Type Boom / Arm, Jib / Crane
Mount Type 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16
Min Length (ft) 8
Max Length (ft) 12
Max Height (ft) 1
Footprint (ft) 12

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