Impact C-stand, Mini

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Brand: Impact

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When you need a stand but don't need to go super tall, this is your guy. He'll stand by you, all 6 feet of him. Or you can collapse him down to 40". There's also a turtle base, so with a junior-to-baby adapter (not included, but we have them), you could have a mount as low as 16" from the ground.

Please Note: The Mini C-Stand does not include the Gripheads or Gobo Arm like our full-size c-stands do. If needed, they can be found in the "Related Products" section down below this product.

Additional Information

Brand Impact
Support Type Stand
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8")
Load Capacity (lbs) 22
Min Length (ft) No
Max Length (ft) No
Min Height (ft) 4.5
Max Height (ft) 6
Footprint (ft) 3.28
Weight (lbs) 15

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