Impact 20" Arm and Grip Head

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Brand: Impact

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Here we have the twenty inch version of a gobo arm for rent, and this unassuming bit of metal can be a real life-saver when it comes to lighting setups. Use it to mount a light down super low, or mount a light modifier in its grip head for easy versatility on set.

This version includes two 2.5" grip heads, one "knuckle-style" for mounting the arm to a stand (or any baby pin, really), and one for holding modifiers via a baby pin hole or the smaller mini-pin mount that is typically seen on the frames of smaller light modifiers.

Please note that all of our full-size C-stands already come with the 40" version of this arm. You only need to rent this if you're using our small C-stands or just need a shorter arm.

Additional Information

Brand Impact
Support Type Boom / Arm
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8"), Mini-pin
Load Capacity (lbs) 5
Min Length (ft) 1.67
Max Length (ft) 1.67
Weight (lbs) 2

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