Ikan Blitz 500 Wireless HDMI/SDI Kit

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Brand: Ikan

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Wireless HDMI and SDI systems are the way to go when you need the freedom to move around set. This incredibly convenient kit from Ikan has everything you need in one box. With 500 feet of working range, you can send your video signal wirelessly to your focus puller, client monitor, or video village on even the largest sets. It is a zero latency system, and can send uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 full HD 1080p at 60 fps.

In terms of connectivity, you get full-size HDMI 1.3 ports (1 input on the transmitter, 1 ouput on the receiver), and 3G SDI jacks (1 input, 1 loop-through output on the transmitter; 2 outputs on receiver). The loop-through SDI connections can be used to convert the HDMI to SDI. Both units are conveniently powered by Sony "L" type batteries, two of which are included in this kit (more options listed below in "related items" below). If you need more capacity, this kit also includes 4-pin hirose to P-tap cables for each unit so you can use any power supply with P-tap/D-tap ports. Battery life with the included batteries is roughly 5 hours. And if you need to power the receiver using plug-in power, there's even an AC adapter for you to use.

There are two different kinds of antennae included in the kit. The standard "blade" style ones are for normal use, and the "mushroom" style antennae are for use when the transmitter and receiver are on significantly different heights from each other (e.g. on a crane or in the rafters). We suggest that you start with the standard style and only move to the mushrooms if you're having connection issues and the height between transmitter and receiver differs by more than 10-15 feet.

The units are both built out of tough aluminum, with multiple 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting holes, a shoe mount, a handlebar clamp, and an articulating arm to allow for mounting flexibility. For all intents and purposes, you're covered no matter how you want to mount these units. It's all in the kit!

We've been really impressed with Ikan's Blitz lineup over the years, and this kit really takes it up a notch. Rent this kit today for your wireless video needs and we think you'll be very impressed.

Included with your rental:

  • Ikan Blitz BZ500 Pro Transmitter
  • Ikan Blitz BZ500 Pro Receiver
  • 5 GHz blade antenna (x2)
  • 5 GHz mushroom antenna (x2)
  • D-Tap to Lemo power cable (x2)
  • Shoe mount adapter for transmitter
  • A/C Power adapter (for receiver)
  • Articulating arm with 1/4-20 mounts
  • Handlebar clamp mount with 1/4-20 thread
  • Sony L style battery - NP-F750/770 equivalent (x2)
  • Dual-slot battery charger with power adapter
  • Hard-sided storage case with custom interior

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Brand Ikan
Weight (lbs) 7.5

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