ifootage M1-III Mini Crane Jib Arm

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Brand: iFootage

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Whether you’ve been using cranes for a long time and need something lightweight to carry on location, or you're just starting to get into alternative camera movements to drastically increase production value, the ifootage M1-III will be ready. Weight only 8 lbs, The M1-III can extend to over 7 feet and can support up to 25 lbs. Rent the ifootage M1-III and you’ll also get a water bag for a counterweight which can be easily filled with water while on location.

Additional Information

Brand iFootage
Support Type Boom / Arm, Jib / Crane
Mount Type 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, 75mm Bowl
Load Capacity (lbs) 33
Min Length (ft) 3.2
Max Length (ft) 7.1
Weight (lbs) 8.4

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