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Brand: Hive Lighting

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The HIVE LIGHTING Wasp 100-C is a small and lightweight yet robust light for studio or on-location shooting. Using only 75 watts, the Wasp 100-C puts out the rough equivalent of a 400-750 watt incandescent. Take full control over color as well as light output, both being capable of 0-100% adjustment. The light can also be controlled over a smartphone or DMX controller, and can be powered from a wall socket or by battery.

Additional Information

Brand Hive Lighting
Lighting Type Spot
Lamp Style LED
Tungsten Equivalent Output, approx (W) 500
Color Temp Variable Yes
Color Temp Range (kelvin) 1650 - 8000
RGB "Rainbow" Color Mode Yes
CRI 98
Power Option A/C Plug
Max Power Draw (W) 100
Built-in Wireless Control Yes
Built-in Wireless Type Bluetooth
Built-in Wireless Range (ft) 20
Dimming 0 - 100%
Beam Angle (degrees) 22-100
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8")
Barndoors Included Yes
Height (in) 6
Length (in) 12
Width (in) 6
Weight (lbs) 3.5

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