Handheld Wireless 8-Mic Kit with Stands

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Brand: VocoPro

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This kit has everything you need for multiple speakers or performers in one package. 8 wireless microphones, 4 dual-channel receivers, 8 mic stands, 8 XLR cables, and the carry bags to keep everything neatly organized.

The mics are color-coded to easily match with their specific receiver, and are automatically synced: Just plug and play! It is awesome for musicians, entertainers, and schools.

The output is via balanced XLR out jacks, so it's easy to interface with an existing mixer or recorder at your venue. If you don't have that, then we also have multiple recorders and mixers to help. Please see the related products below.

The wireless system is UHF, which operates on the 900 MHz frequency spectrum. Each mic operates on a different part of that spectrum, allowing all 8 to work at the same time.

The receiver units interface with 2 mics each, and have individual gain controls for each mic, allowing you to adjust the volume for each person individually. The mics are powered by 2 AA batteries, and the receivers have power packs that plug into AC wall power.

The mic stands fold flat for easy storage in their travel bag. When extended, they are adjustable in height from 36" to 63", and the boom arm is 31.5" in total length.

Your rental includes:

  • VocoPro wireless hand-held microphone (x8)
  • VocoPro dual-channel wireless receiver, with power supply (x4)
  • XLR cable to connect receivers to standard XLR jacks (x8)
  • Microphone stand with boom arm and mic clip (x8)
  • Storage bag for mics, receivers, and cables
  • Storage bag for mic stands

Additional Information

Brand VocoPro
Accessory Type Mic
Weight (lbs) 40

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