Hahnel Captur Pro Trigger Kit

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Brand: Hahnel

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It could be said that photography is all about timing, both literally and figuratively. For the literal side of the equation, let this module take care of the things that are either difficult or impossible to do manually. It uses a variety of different trigger modes to help with high-speed photography, camera traps for candid wildlife photos, or even time-lapse photos. The unit has built-in sensors for light and sound, can be triggered with a laser pointer, and we even include an IR trigger module with this kit.

Recommended uses for each sensor:

  • Laser : Water drops
  • IR : Wildlife, Sports, Water droplets
  • Sound : Popping balloons, Shattering glass
  • Light : Fireworks, Lightning

On the shutter release side of things, you can program different capture modes and timed sequences such as continuous shooting, bulb mode, single release, and autofocus.

For your convenience, we include a camera control cable of your choice. Simply select the correct model from the drop down.

Additional Information

Brand Hahnel
Accessory Type Shutter Release/Remote
Weight (lbs) 0.7

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