GoPro Smart Remote (Hero 4/5/6/7/8)

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Brand: GoPro

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This handy device helps you trigger GoPro cameras from a distance. In fact, GoPro says you can control up to 50 cameras simulatneously from up to 600 feet away (we haven't confirmed that exact distance, but it does work from surprisingly far away). It is compatible with any Hero model from the Hero4 to Hero8. Note: This remote will not work with the Hero9. Great for when your camera is out of reach, and/or you want to start a bunch of them recording at the same time. It even comes with a wrist strap so you can pretend you're a superhero. SuperHERO? I see what you did there...

GoPro says that it's waterproof up to 33', but based on several stories we've found online, we are pretty dubious of this claim. Please keep this one out of the water, as the USB port cover seems less than perfectly waterproof. It's probably okay in a light rain, but we do not recommend diving or snorkeling with it.

We include the charging cable, which plugs into any USB A port for power. Note that we do not generally provide a charging brick with it, but we will most likely give you one to use during your rental if you ask nicely.

Additional Information

Brand GoPro
Accessory Type Shutter Release/Remote
Weight (lbs) 0.2

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