GoPro Max 360 Action Camera

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Brand: GoPro

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Panoramics without the panning! Sporting 5K video with a full 360 degree field of view that you can control after the fact, this camera is like having eyes in the back of your head (and the sides, come to think of it). Photos and videos are automatically (or is that autoMAGICally?) stitched together for ease of use and editing. Not into the whole "360-cam" look? No worries! You can also use it in single lens mode just like a normal GoPro.

There are tons of options for how you want to take and display your videos from this cam: PowerPano mode helps you take 270° photos without distortion, TimeWarp gives you the ability to speed up or slow down your footage in real time, and then there's the ever-popular "tiny planet" mode. Just like the GoPro Hero models, you also get HyperSmooth for the ultra-stabilized gimbal look without the gimbal. To further support the immersive experience of 360° video, the camera includes 6 microphones for true surround-sound experience.

From a usability standpoint, you get the standart GoPro touchscreen for easy changes to settings. You also get a photo timer, voice control, and the ability to use the camera for live streaming.

Note: Hopefully this is obvious based on the pictures and overall camera design, but those lenses stick WAY out there and are just begging for scratches. Please use caution and take care of them. Lens replacements are pretty expensive, and we're quite certain you don't want to buy us new ones. Thank you for your attention.

Your rental comes with:

  • GoPro MAX 360 Action Camera
  • GoPro factory rechargeable 1600mAh battery
  • Lens cap (x2)
  • Clear lens cover (x2)
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Soft carry case
  • 1x - GoPro mount of your choice (contact us for available options)

Additional Information

Brand GoPro
Interchangeable Lens No
Lens Mount No
Sensor Size No
Max Video Resolution 4992 x 2496
Max Framerate @ 1080p (fps) 120
Max Framerate @ 4K (fps) 30
Max Framerate @ Max Resolution (fps) 30
Recording Media MicroSD
Media Slots 1
Min ISO 400
Max ISO 6400
Base ISO 400
Battery Life, approx (min of video) 60
Max Power Draw (W) No
HDMI Output Type No
SDI Output Type No
Built-in Microphone Yes
Audio Input Yes
Headphone Jack No
Display Size (in) 2
USB Connection USB Type C
In-body Stabilization Yes
Depth (in) 1.6
Height (in) 2.7
Width (in) 2.5
Weight (lbs) 0.4

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