Foamcore - Black & White - 4' x 8' x 3/16"

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Brand: Generic

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The studio standard for bouncing light around (or cutting it, depending on your needs). We carry the 3/16 inch thick version that has white on one side for super soft reflections and black on the other side for "removing" light. Which side of the force are you on?

If you only knew the POWER of the dark side.

Hhhrrmm. Sorry about that! Something got caught in my throat there.

NOTE: This is the 4x8 full sheet version (48"x96"). You will need a very large vehicle, van, or box truck to take this with you. We don't recommend an open-bed pickup truck, as these things make GREAT sails and are relatively fragile. We also offer a 1/2 sheet (see related products, below) if you need to fit it in a smaller vehicle.

Additional Information

Brand Generic
Modifier Type Reflector / Bounce
Length (ft) 8
Width (ft) 4
Weight (lbs) 5

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