Flashpoint 8x8 Silk - 2/3 stop

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Brand: FlashPoint

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You know how sometimes when no one is around, you drive up to a stop sign and don't *really* come to a full stop? Well, this silk is kind of like that. It's made for an 8' x 8' frame, and is 2/3 stop, which is just like what you did at that stop sign. Well, okay, it's actually nothing like that. What that actually means is that it difuses light and reduces the intensity by two thirds of a stop. Being a silk, it also provides some ambient bounce, which sounds like a new music genre, but really just means that extra fill light bounces off of its surface (as opposed to a net or scrim, which cuts light without any bounce).

Because of its size, some clients rent this as a convenient way to block off or "white out" a bank of windows for a photo or video shoot. Essentially that turns it into a giant softbox. Others will rent it with the frame (shown below in Related Products) and put it on some stands as a way to reduce the sun's power when shooting outside. I suppose you could also use it as a sail for your boat, but we don't recommend that. For your convenience, it comes with grommets along all four sides for easy mounting or hanging.

Here's what comes with your rental:

  • Flashpoint 8'x8' Silk - 2/3 stop
  • Carry bag/Stuff sack

Additional Information

Brand FlashPoint
Modifier Type Silk
Density 2/3 Stop
Length (ft) 8
Width (ft) 8
Mount Type Bungee-tie, Tie cord
Weight (lbs) 4

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