EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station / Generator

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Brand: EcoFlow

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Gas-powered generators (often known as "gennies") were a staple on many photo sets throughout the past few decades. They provide the power necessary to run big studio packs while on location, away from mains power. But they have two major drawbacks: 1) They run on gasoline, making safe transport more complicated, and 2) They add noise to the set, making them nearly impossible to use with video production.

Welcome to the future of on-set power. This compact lithium-ion battery has a tremendous amount of energy, even able to power full-size household appliances and power tools. It is the silent "generator" of the future, and it's here now for your use.

It can power a professional-spec 2400 W/s photo pack running two heads for 1000 (yes, ONE THOUSAND) full-power flashes. That is absolutely incredible. You can also use it to power video lights. For example, it can run an ARRI Skypanel S60 at full power for about 3 hours! For perspective, that is roughly the equivalent of 14 standard v-mount batteries. Pretty impressive stuff.

You get a wide variety of ports: six 120 VAC outlets, four USB Type-A ports (two fast charge, two standard), two USB Type-C ports, and one 12 VDC vehicle cigarette lighter-style socket.

Recharge performance is amazing: only 1.6 hours to fully charge using a standard AC plug. You can also recharge using the included 110W solar panel or even your vehicle (although the charge time is obviously going to be longer via those methods).

It's time to ditch the smelly and loud generators and embrace high-density battery power. Rent this kit and see how amazing this tech has gotten!

Additional Information

Brand EcoFlow
Weight (lbs) 36
Power Type Portable battery pack
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Output Voltage 120
Energy Capacity (Wh) 1260

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