Core SWX PowerEdge Battery Kit

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Brand: Core SWX

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Modern cameras are THIRSTY when it comes to the "juice". And by juice, we mean power, just to be clear.

Sure, you can carry a backpack full of batteries and keep swapping them out like some crazed maniac during your shoot, never quite knowing when the next one is going to die on you. Or, you can V-mount and chill with this battery kit.

With this ingenious system from Core SWX (a leading power supplier in the film industry), you get two 47 Wh batteries, a charger, and a "dummy" battery adapter to provide power to a variety of different cameras. (We checked in with the adapter, and even though we think "dummy" is a bit derogatory, they don't seem to mind.) Simply thread the v-mount to the bottom of your camera, insert the battery adapter into your camera's battery slot, connect it to the 8.4V output on the side of the v-mount, and prepare to have your mind blown by the vast amount of power this thing has on tap.

Speaking of taps, not only do you get the aforementioned 8.4V output, but you also get a 5V USB A output and TWO D-tap (or p-tap...your choice) outputs. This single battery can run your whole rig as well as keep your phone from dying so you don't miss any of those important Insta DMs. Yeah, we see you. You'll also get a display screen that shows you all kinds of neat info: battery % remaining, time remaining at current discharge rate, or time to full if you're charging. It's super handy and allows you to closely monitor the exact amount of power you have left before needing to swap batteries.

When you rent this kit, you're getting roughly 8-10 times the power of a normal single battery. As a friend of mine probably once said: "Datsa lotta power-uh!" We couldn't agree more. Rent it for your next shoot and see for yourself what he was talking about.

Canon R5/R5c shooters, TAKE NOTE!! This battery system unfortunately will not allow 8K60 with AF lenses. It will run those cameras for all other shooting situations, but not that one, which requires a special power source.

Included with your rental:

  • Core SWX Powerbase EDGE V-Mount Battery (x2)
  • Your choice of one dummy battery adapter: Canon LP-E6, Sony L-series, or Sony NP-FZ100
  • Core SWX factory 1.5A AC charger
  • 18" extension cable for the battery adapter

Additional Information

Brand Core SWX
Weight (lbs) No
Power Type "Dummy" Battery, V-mount battery
Battery Type V-mount
Energy Capacity (Wh) 95

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