Canon RF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro

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Brand: Canon

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Many consider the EF 100mm macro lens to be the holy grail of sharpness in the Canon lineup. This lens continues that grand tradition, engineered for use with the RF mount.

Speaking of engineering, Canon pulled out all the stops on this lens and were able to get an incredible 1.4x magnification, which will really help when trying to capture as much detail as possible at macro scales. Naturally, it also has all of the latest lens element designs and coatings. This design also utilizes a dual nano USM autofocus system for even speedier AF control.

Another cool feature is the spherical aberration control ring. The what now? Yeah, those were our thoughts too. Basically, this ring allows you to adjust the "look" of the out-of-focus areas in your shot (commonly known as "bokeh"). Anyway, it's a neat way to help isolate your subject and get just the right look that you're going for.

Now here's the best part... the image stabilization is so good in this lens that if you combine it with a body that has IBIS (in body image stabilizer), you get up to 8 stops of shake correction. 8. Stops. That is absolutely crazy. Even when used on a body without IBIS, you still get 5 stops of correction. Truly amazing stuff.

So whether you're shooting portraiture or miniature scenes, this versatile lens is a great item to rent and experience for yourself.

Included with your rental:

  • Canon RF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens
  • Canon Factory ET-73C lens hood
  • Canon E-67 front lens cap
  • Canon RF rear lens cap
  • 67mm UV/protector filter

Additional Information

Brand Canon
Lens Mount Canon RF
Lens Coverage APS-C (Crop), Full Frame
Lens Type Macro, Telephoto Prime
Autofocus Yes
Image Stabilization Yes
Filter Size (mm) 67
Min Focal Length (mm) 100
Max Focal Length (mm) 100
Max Angle of View (degrees) 24
Min Angle of View (degrees) 24
Max Aperture 2.8
Min Aperture 32
Min Focusing Distance (ft) 0.85
Max Magnification 1.4
Hood Included Yes
Hood Type ET-73C
Aperture Blades 9
Power Zoom No
Diameter (in) 3.2
Length (in) 5.8
Weight (lbs) 1.6

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