CamWave IDX CW-1 Wireless HDMI System

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Brand: IDX

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If you’re looking to experiment with wireless video transmission for review in a non-production environment, then rent the CamWave IDX CW-1 Wireless HDMI system. It operates on the 5GHz band for non FCC licensing, and can get up to 300ft worth of less than 1ms delay in transmission in the right environment. If you’re in less than ideal location then you’ll able to pull ~50-150 ft with line of sight. The IDX CW-1 sends out uncompressed 1080i60 video with embedded audio.

Important note: DO NOT use this system for focus pulling or for any kind of production use. It is strictly for non-mobile connections between things like a BluRay player and a TV. If you need something for production use, please see the "Related Products" listed below.

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Brand IDX
Accessory Type Other
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