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Pro Photo Rental

Video Frame Rate Intro and Comparison
By Zac Henderson

Video takes most of the principles of still photography and then throws them into a bag with time, movement, compatibility, playback, editing, and ridiculous jargon. Then it shakes the bag up and dumps it out all over the table like a low country boil. It's beyond delicious, but there’s a lot going on. You can go as far down the rabbit hole as you like, but to get started in video you only need to grasp a few basic principles. One of those non-negotiable principles is frame rate.

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Lavalier Vs Shotgun Mics
By Zac Henderson

Lav Vs Shotugn

Audio… The archenemy of any beginning (or experienced) video shooter. In all actuality, audio is its own discipline separate from photography and videography. It is equally challenging and requires its own skillset and workflow. Audio is non-negotiable, and can make or break a production.

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