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Featured Artist Zac Henderson
By Zac Henderson

    This is the first in an ongoing series of articles featuring lens based image makers we’ve seen come through our doors and rent our gear to do the things they do best. The “Featured Photographer” series will include professional photographers and videographers, artists, skilled amateurs, and really anyone we think is making work or doing something cool worth talking about. PPR’s fearless leader, Jared Kohlmann, requested I be the first. I’m humbled not only to be asked, but to also write the first article. 

Zac Henderson Sunset

    When my wife and I first started dating we were 14. She was, and still is, a seriously talented artist. I was creative but hadn’t found my discipline yet. With her encouragement, I picked up my mom’s old Nikon FM and put a few rolls through it. From then on I knew that my career path would revolve around photography, and it has.

Mountain Clouds

    Figuratively speaking, I’ve had a camera in my hand for 14 years. 7 of those were spent during high school and college learning as much as I could about the discipline. The other 7 have been spent as a professional in the photo industry continuing to learn as well as working as a photographer, videographer, technical support specialist, Capture One software and Phase One hardware instructor, assistant, digital tech, rental manager, and content creator.  That’s a lot of hats in a still young career, but for better or for worse, the most satisfying way I spend my time has been in the outdoors and away from the sounds of the city creating fine art images of the planet we all happen to be surfing on.  I like it so much that my wife and I now travel full time in a school bus we converted ourselves. Yes, I know. Hipster.

Super Moon

    I enjoy photographing the landscape for several reasons, some more philosophical than others. I’m enamored with a cosmic perspective, and do my best to find ways to incorporate the idea of our place in the universe in my work by literally capturing the light from our nearest star (and occasionally others) that bounces off of it. On a less philosophical note, Being immersed in a dynamic landscape excites me, and I think part of the way I come to understand and embrace the environment I’m in is by photographing it. I could be in a beautiful location and enjoy it without a camera, but all the while I’d be planning for an image. When is the best time of year to come back? Where does the sun set? What’s my composition? What textures can I accentuate? I’m driven by image making.


    As I mentioned above, I provide technical support for and work occasionally as a Phase One medium format camera instructor. Most of my career in the photo industry has orbited around large sensor, high resolution photography. This has been both a blessing and a curse. I can say first hand that medium format cameras ruin you for image quality. Between the resolution, dynamic range, workflow, image quality, color rendition, and print size possible with that kind of equipment, you don’t want to shoot with anything else after your first few images with a Phase One camera. There’s nothing like it. Fortunately I’ve had the privilege of using several Phase One systems in much of my landscape work like our XF IQ3 100MP.


    Until that becomes my main shooter, I’m either using the little brother of our Nikon Z7, the Nikon Z6, or a Fuji X-H1. Mirrorless bodies provide gaudy specs for both stills and video in small packages and are extraordinary adaptable. That means more room in my camera bag and less weight on my too-often-sunburned shoulders during a hike. Regarding lenses, I prefer primes and often find myself reaching for an 85mm T/S for some compression and occasional plane of focus acrobatics or my Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art for dynamic compositions and astrophotography. A 24mm prime also does more than its fair share of shooting.

Aggressive Exploration

    I’m currently working on projects dedicated to the cosmic perspective concept I mentioned above. Since I travel full time I’m able to spend extended periods in select locations in order to find the right weather, choose the right time of year, and really get to know a location. This year I'll be in the west searching for dark skies and otherworldly landscapes.

Thanks for playing.


Find more of Zac’s work on his website at www.Zachenderson.com. He is a full time nomad traveling the American West with his wife and two dogs. Follow their travels on www.rollingvistas.com.

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