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Artist Interview - Filmmaker Scott Morrison
By Cassandra Vagher

Whether we like to believe it or not, most people lack perseverance and grit. When faced with a challenging task and odds that aren't in our favor, we tend to back down and change our direction, even if it's our aspiration that's on the line. That's when our dreams solely remain fantasies, and day jobs remain our reality. However, this isn't true for Boulder, Colorado, Videographer Scott Morrison. 

Morrison has his dream job; he's a full-time filmmaker creating and capturing corporate, wedding, and music videos. You would never know the 28-year-old has an untreatable vision impairment, which started in his adolescence. While some tasks have certainly become much more difficult for Morrison, his vision never once stopped him from creating his art and pursuing his passion. We sat down with the inspiring filmmaker in November to learn more about his story. 

Tell us where you're from, and a little about your background:
I’m 28, grew up in Georgia, moved to Boulder to finish school six years ago, and fell in love with Colorado. I came for the mountains and natural beauty and more laid back, open-minded vibe.


Please describe your film style:
Generally light, airy, vibrant colors. Images that pop!


Do you have an artist statement? 
I believe in putting the extra effort into my work to make it something special. Creating is essential to my life, like eating, sleeping, and breathing.


What do you want your films to communicate to your clients?
I want to convey captivating, personal, and human stories.


Describe your journey from amateur to pro. You can be a descriptive or brief as you would like:
It's been a challenging process, especially with having a disability, but it's been very rewarding. I started knowing nothing about filmmaking or film history. I hadn't seen any of the classics. I learned only about 20% of my education from classes at film school. Most of it was learned either through friends, making mistakes, and an online film course called Fulltime Filmmaker. It was a great help having Parker, the creator of the course, as a digital mentor that shares his journey from starting off knowing nothing to where he is now. My advice is to look for someone who is doing what you want to do and see how you can help them and learn from them.

Give first, and ask second. As a beginner, your leverage is your time, and if you're not willing to put in the time to get good, no one is going to want to pay you for your work.

I have no regrets in this pursuit and couldn't see myself doing anything else.


Do you have any formal training?
Yes, a BFA in Film Studies at CU and some online film courses.


What challenges have you overcome throughout your career?
I have a currently untreatable visual impairment that makes distance vision difficult, which adds many challenges like driving and seeing my camera monitor from a normal distance. Still, I feel proud that I am accomplishing my goals despite this challenge. I am grateful in some ways for the challenge as it has built my character and showed me the rewards of hard work, perseverance, and dedication.


What are your career goals?
I would like to own and run a multi-faceted video production company with a large, talented team of professionals that cover weddings, business commercial work, and music videos. It is satisfying to bring something valuable to the marketplace while also creating satisfying and empowering career opportunities for my team.


What inspires you to create art?
Not sure if I can put words to it. It's like an itch deep within me to create beautiful and moving work that connects with other people.


What makes a good film to you?
There are so many aspects that need to go right for a film to succeed, so this is hard to pinpoint. But, good cinematography, good acting, and good writing are at the top of my list.


Do you have a favorite video you've created? If so which, and why?
Not really. I am my own worst critic and I'm never completely happy with my work. However, I am glad to see my progression and seeing a project come together successfully.


Who are photographers or filmmakers that inspire you?
Parker Walbeck, Jake Weisler, Christopher Nolan, Nicolas Winding Refn, Stanley Kubrick (of course).


What's in your videography arsenal? What gear do you currently use?
The Canon EOS 1DX Mark II with my Canon EF 35mm. f/1.4 L II USM and DJI Ronin S gimbal is my current main setup. It is pretty heavy but delivers an incredible video image quality, which is hard to rival, in my opinion.


What's your best bit of advice for aspiring filmmakers?
Ask yourself if you would do this for free.

Starting off, you will have to do a ton of work for free or cheap to build your portfolio and save up for your own gear. This barrier of entry can be too much for most people. Make sure you are pursuing filmmaking because you love it. It may be an easy degree to get in college, but making it a career takes hard work, and you need the passion and love for it to get through the initial barriers.

But if it is what you want to do, keep at it and don't give up.

Keep improving yourself.

You won't regret it.


Is there anything else you would like us to know?
If you are interested in joining my team or have a video you need, feel free to reach out to me at scott@eyecandyproductions.net





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