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Pro Photo Rental

The Pro Photo Rental Academy Awards
By Zac Henderson

Camera Award

Getting the job done right requires the right tools. We saw a lot of our equipment go out and make some amazing work last year, and we want to recognize some outstanding performances: Oscars style.

Don’t worry about long acceptance speeches, though. Gear can’t talk. (Yet).

Best Camera in a Full Frame Role: The Nikon D850

Nikon’s D850 has established itself as a force in the full frame DSLR category. Its performance in the role of a professional high resolution all-rounder is commendable. Its success shows that while mirrorless cameras are the exciting new kids on the block, the DSLR is alive and well and not going anywhere.

Best Cinema Camera: The Red Epic W


No surprise performance here. The Red Epic W really impressed the academy with its 8k Helium sensor and gaudy specs. But instead of just wowing with incredible image quality, which the Red Epic W certainly has, the Red Epic W’s flexibility is what brought home the trophy. Its ability to switch lens mounts, shoot high enough resolution to easily pull stills, and slow motion at 300fps in 2k makes the Red Epic W the academy’s pick.

Best Strobe: Profoto B1X


When the Profoto B1 hit the scene it changed the game for on-location flash photography. The B1X takes it a step further with a more powerful modeling light, better battery life, and an expanded HSS range, making life easy for the supporting cast.

Best Continuous Light: Nila Boxer

Nila Boxer

The Nila Boxer’s charisma on and off screen gave it the nod. Its ability to provide flicker free light at any frame rate at 100% and up to 5000fps when dimmed makes the Boxer a high quality, easy to use, and powerful continuous light worthy of the award.

Best Costume Design: The Phase One XF 100MP

Phase One XF

The Phase One packs a punch at 100 megapixels and looks good doing it. Sleek design, nice lines, metal body, Blue Ring lenses, large touch screen retina-style display, and another touch screen on top makes the XF body and IQ3 100MP digital back the highest resolution (and best looking) system in contention.

Best Focal Length: 24-70mm


The 24-70mm focal length continues to impress the academy. In essentially every mount, this lens proves again and again that it has the kind of versatility to not only contend, but to win. Whether its acting as a landscape lens at 24mm, playing the journalist at 35mm, taking on the role of a normal lens at 50mm, or focusing on a portrait at its longest, the 24-70mm focal length takes home the prize.

Best Supporting Tripod: Manfrotto 536 legs


The Manfrotto 536 sticks have proven to be an excellent choice as an all round support for video applications. Thanks to its lightweight 4 section design, ability to accept industry standard fluid heads, support a heavy 55 lbs, and stretch to a tall 80” maximum height, the Manfrotto 536 wins the prize for best supporting tripod.

Best Stabilizer in a Supporting Role: Ronin-S

Ronin s

Lightweight. Easy to use. Effective. Usually you have to choose 2 of those options when picking a stabilizer, but the Ronin S has shown the academy that it can provide all 3. Coming in a small package, yet capable of supporting 8 lbs, the Ronin-S punches above its weight. In this case, overacting is a good thing, and ultimately what gave it the nod.

Best Breakout Role: Nikon Z 7


While the D850 won best camera in a full frame role, the Nikon Z 7 surprised the academy with an unexpectedly impressive performance. Providing much of the same feature set as the celebrated D850 in a smaller package, the Z 7 also boasts IBIS and recently was just announced to support 12-Bit ProRes Raw External Recording when paired with the Atomos Ninja V, an unexpected but impressive last minute addition.

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