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Financial Relief for Creatives
By Cassandra Vagher

There's no denying it; this is a rough time to be a creative or small business owner. We're all in this together. Photographers/videographers were some of the first to feel the economic impact of the pandemic. We compiled a list of grants and loans that can help you during this time. We sincerely hope these resources help those in need to find funding to cover their bills during this time. 



This funding focuses on creatives from a variety of disciplines who are "lLower-income" and have "no other source of income." Max funding per individual is $1,000; they're giving away $130,000 total. You must live in the City and County of Denver and provide supporting documents. 


Foundation for Contemporary Arts - COVID-19 Relief Fund Application
This temporary fund is specific to artists who have had exhibitions canceled due to the pandemic. They are offering $1,000 grants to qualifying artists; this is not strictly for photographers, so share with other creatives that you know!


NYFA -Rauschenberg Emergency Grants
If you have a medical emergency during this time, the Rauschenberg Emergency Grant offers up to $5,000 to visual and media artists. Reviews begin in May or June of 2020. 


CERF+ Emergency Assistance
CERF+ is offering assistance to artists that are "infected with the virus that require intensive medical care." There is no specific grant amount listed.


The Creator Fund
The Creator Fund is giving away up to $500 to creatives impacted by COVID-19, allowing them to help up to 100 creators cover the cost of groceries or their mortgage. All payout is through PayPal. 


Format - Photographer Fund
Like the Creator Fund, Format is giving out $500 to photographers impacted by the virus. This will also be paid via PayPal. You do not have to purchase anything from Format to enter. They are hoping to receive more funding (they have $25,000 to hand out now) to help more photographers in need. 


The Howard Chapnick Grant
The Howard Chapnick Grant is unrelated to COVID-19. However, it is meant for photographers! Only one person will walk away with the grant for $10,000, but it has pretty tight stipulations it can be used for. The requirements include your biography, CV, and a project proposal. It costs $50 to submit, and deadlines are April 30, 2020. 



SBA - Economic Injury Disaster Program
The SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) has currently had low-interest loans due to COVID-19. Yesterday, Colorado was added to the list of eligible states. However, it's not currently reflected on their website. 


Colorado SBDC - SBA Economic Disaster Loans
Your business must have less than 500 employees and in a county that is "suffering working capital losses." Loans are up to $2 million with interest rates 3.75%. 

Did we miss something? Please let us know. We will update this blog post as we learn more. Reach out to Cassandra at creative@cassandravagher.com or service@prophotorental.com to add grants or loans to this list.

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