Axler Shooting Riser (4 x 4')

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Brand: Axler

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This portable kit is incredibly useful for getting your camera over a crowd or barrier at concerts, events, conferences, or anywhere you need to rise above the crowd.

The four foot by four foot aluminum platform rises 39" in height. It is a nice compromise between compact footprint and stable base with enough room for a tripod and camera operator, and can hold up to 450lbs (evenly distributed).

Everything packs down nicely into two separate carry cases for easy set up and transport. The total weight of both cases is 58 lbs.

No tools needed for setup or disassembly! It all goes together by hand. Rent this platform when you need to elevate your perspective and get clear of the crowds.

Additional Information

Brand Axler
Accessory Type Other
Weight (lbs) 58

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