Arturia Minifreak Synthesizer

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Brand: 9.Solutions

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Why on earth is a camera store renting a synthesizer?

Well, as much as we love and support music production, it's not actually here to be your next keyboard. You certainly CAN use it that way, but the real reason we keep this beauty in our rental inventory is how amazing it is for scoring, sound effects, and other video and film production needs.

The 255 presets alone are incredibly good, but the real power of this machine lies in its 6-voice polyphonic synthesis engine, 2 oscillator engines, highly customizable analog filter, and cycling envelope. You can (and probably will) spend hours creating the exact perfect sounds your film needs.

Look, there's a lot to go over with this machine. The possibilities are mind-blowing and we're not kidding when we say that you can make pretty much any sound you can imagine using the features of this device.

Check out the videos in the "Resources" tab to get a taste of the kinds of things you can do with this synth, then stop by to demo it before your rental. We think you're going to be just as impressed as we are.

Additional Information

Brand Arturia
Accessory Type Audio
Weight (lbs) 6.4

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Overview Video (very long, but completely in-depth)

Example "Soundscapes" Using Pads