ARRI SkyPanel Remote

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Brand: Arri

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The ARRI Skypanel series of lights are simply amazing, and output so much light that it's common to fly them pretty high on a stand or lighting grid. But that makes it difficult to make any adjustments to the light itself. This wired remote solves that problem, effectively moving the full control panel (even the LCD display) within easy reach. It includes a 16' USB connection cord and a handy magnet on the back for easily attaching to a light stand. The unit is made of aluminum with ergonomic and durable rubber corners for on-set durability.

This isn't technically required to operate a Skypanel, but it is absolutely required if you're putting one of them up high and don't want to bring it down every time you want to make an adjustment.

Additional Information

Brand Arri
Accessory Type Shutter Release/Remote
Weight (lbs) 1.0

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