Aputure 2x Fresnel

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Brand: Aputure

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This fresnel intensifier works with our Aputure LS 300x LED as well as the LS C120d, LS C120d II, LS C300d, and LS C300d II. It is awesome when you need to narrow your light beam, or even to create a spotlight. It works very well indeed.

It simply snaps into the speedring fitting on the light, and then you can rotate the 6" diameter outer housing to vary your beam angle, anywhere from 12° to 40°. At the same time, it intensifies the light. On our LS 300x, it acts as a 2x intensifier, but on the LS 120d, it can produce up to 14x the output! Truly a game-changer for these lights.

You get the double-lens fresnel and a padded storage bag with your rental.

Additional Information

Brand Aputure
Accessory Type Lighting
Weight (lbs) 3

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