Aputure 26" Lantern Softbox

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Brand: Aputure

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This lantern softbox from Aputure is an incredibly versatile tool in your lighting kit.

Use it as an ambient light to evenly light a wide area with a single spherical source, or use the 4-sided roll-up skirt to direct the light where you need it and flag it where you don't.

The beam spread is 270°, and it features a built-in Bowens mount for easy attachment.

It uses a unique spring-form design, allowing for quick and easy setup or take down.

The diffusion only uses up 1 stop, so you can maintain the brightness of your light as much as possible.

We love it for the traditional "China ball" look, as well as a straight-on softbox for incredibly soft wrap-around light for interviews. A pair of them work together to light a greenscreen really well.

Included with your rental:

  • Aputure Lantern Softbox (outer fabric, spring frame, and speedring
  • Skirt set
  • Carry bag for everything

Additional Information

Brand Aputure
Modifier Type Lantern, Softbox
Density 1
Length (ft) 2.1
Width (ft) 2.1
Weight (lbs) 6

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