Angler LED 19" Ring Light

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Brand: Angler

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With a CRI rating of 95 and daylight balanced color temperature, this ring light creates a soft portraiture light anywhere you need it. It is powered from a wall-mount power supply and has and adjustable camera mount for use with a huge variety of camera sizes and types. Many of our clients use this for online streaming and other kinds of talking head videos with great results.

Additional Information

Brand Angler
Lighting Type Ring Light
Lamp Style LED
Color Temp Variable No
Color Temp Range (kelvin) 5500
RGB "Rainbow" Color Mode No
CRI 95
Power Option A/C Plug
Built-in Wireless Control No
Dimming 0 - 100%
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8")
Barndoors Included No
Height (in) 23.8
Length (in) 19.3
Width (in) 22
Weight (lbs) 2.85

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