Angelbird AV Pro CFExpress Type A - 1 TB

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Brand: Angelbird

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Angelbird has been cleared for take off! We finally have a legit market competitor in the CF Express 2.0 Type A memory card market.

This brand has been absolutely rock solid for us, so we were overjoyed when they announced a CFE Type A card in this 1 Terabyte size. They are known for being able to operate in both super hot and very cold environments and are built tough.

With this memory card rental, you get incredible dependability, a max write speed of 730 MB/sec (650 sustained), maximum read speed of 830 MB/sec (750 sustained), and plenty of storage so you don't have to be switching out cards all day. You have enough to do on set, amiright?

Important Note: Please be sure that you need this TYPE A card. That generally means you're shooting on a Sony brand camera such as the A7S III, the FX3, or the FX6. This is not compatible with Type B devices.

Additional Information

Brand Angelbird
Memory Type CFexpress (Type A)
Storage Capacity (GB) 1000
Max Write Speed (MB/sec) 730
Max Read Speed (MB/sec) 820
Weight (lbs) No

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