AGPTEK 1080p Live Stream Capture Card

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This capture card enables you to convert an HDMI signal (up to 1080p 60fps) to a computer-friendly USB feed, which basically turns any camera into a webcam. It's great for video conferences and live streams. Alternatively, you can use it for streaming a gaming device such as a Playstation or Xbox. It is a plug and play device, which means you don't have to worry about downloading drivers. It is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux. We see better outcomes with the latest versions of these operating systems, but the documentation says it will support back to Windows 7, OS X 10.9, and Ubuntu 14.04.

Take note: As with all of these devices, there are two primary keys to success: 1) Make sure your camera ouputs a "clean" HDMI signal without any overlays, and 2) Only use it with a USB 3 or 3.1 port. While we've heard stories of them working on USB 2, the possibility of it not working goes way up in those circumstances. In addition, you will always get better results if your computer has a beefy processor and dedicated graphics card (GeForce GTX 650 or Radeon R7 250X or above).

Your rental includes:

  • AGPTEK HDMI USB Capture Card
  • Full-to-full HDMI cable (~24")
  • USB-A to USB-A cable (~18")
  • USB-A to USB-C adapter plug

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Brand Generic
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