Vello Accelerator 0.71x Nikon lens to m43 body mount adapter

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Brand: Metabones

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If you’re looking to expand the lens options for your Micro Four Thirds camera body with some Nikon glass, rent this lens adapter because it's your answer. Not only does this adapter allow Nikon lenses to be used on M4/3 bodies, it also reduces the image circle projected by the lens to be much closer to the M4/3 sensor size. This increases the lens’s optical quality, reduces focal length for a wider field of view, increases maximum aperture by 1 stop, and effectively makes the Micro Four Thirds sensor appear to be the same as a larger APS-H sized sensor.

This is big deal for Micro Four Thirds bodies, since this adapter sets the standard for available lens speed. For example, a 50mm f/1.4 used with this adapter will effectively become a 71mm f/0.95, which is the fastest speed available for the Micro Four Thirds system. Compatible with Nikon lenses of the F and G flavors (but NOT P lenses), as well as AI and non AI lenses, the aperture ring around the adapter is numbered and de-clicked for smooth transitions. Just be aware that this adapter does not pass through any electronic communication, so you won’t have autofocus or automatic aperture control.

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Brand Metabones
Accessory Type Adapter
Weight (lbs) 0.38

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