40" Extension Grip Arm

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Brand: Impact

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Also known as a "Gobo arm", this simple product is an incredibly useful way to position lights, modifiers, flags or other grip gear on a c-stand. It has a standard 2.5" knuckle on the end with mounting holes for baby pin and the smaller wire-style mount that is found on most flags, scrims, and silks.

Your rental includes a total of two 2.5" grip heads, one built-in "knuckle-style" for mounting the arm to a stand (or any baby pin, really), and one for holding modifiers via a baby pin hole or the smaller mini-pin mount that is typically seen on the frames of smaller light modifiers.

NOTE: All of our standard-size C-stands come with one of these already. This is only for our miniature C-stand, or if you need a grip arm to fit your own stand.

Additional Information

Brand Impact
Support Type Boom / Arm
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8"), Mini-pin
Load Capacity (lbs) 10
Min Length (ft) 3.33
Max Length (ft) 3.33
Weight (lbs) 3.5

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